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Bhupen started the company nearly 40 years ago and has steadily guided the company through all types of economies and situations.  He first got into franchised hotels with Super 8 in 1982 and has since worked with many of the hotel brands in the market.  As a developer, Bhupen built over 20 properties across the Midwest and has purchased many more.

Kalpesh has been in the hotel business from a very young age.  Growing up in and around the hotels gave him a unique insight into how the business functions and the balance that is required between ownership, management, staff, and guests to manage a successful hotel.  Kalpesh took over full time management of the company in 2009 and has since guided it through one of its highest periods of growth to date.

With a 40+ year history of being in the hospitality business, VKB Management has a proven track record of fulfilling our Vision: Dedicating ourselves to the growth of our company while exceeding guest, employee, and investor expectations.

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